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     Before India won its independence in 1947, it was ruled by a complex system which included, I believe, 565 "Princely States" which were ruled by local Indian rulers, in a sort of 1-way "alliance" with the British.  Any further explanation of the relationship is beyond my ability.

     These local rulers each had their own "Coat of Arms", much like ruling families in Europe.  These appeared on the Stationery of the various rulers.
     The envelopes I'm offering here are NOT "Postal Stationery", as they have no postal value, and required stamps to be affixed for mailing.  They're just envelopes, printed on a fairly cheap paper and having fairly cheap gum....

     ...but they ARE "Postal History", representing a way of life which existed for about 200 years, first informally, then formally (1858-1947).

      I can't tell you when these envelope were manufactured, or their relative scarcity to other such envelopes.  I can tell you that they've been in storage a long time.

     MANY of the envelopes I have in stock have MINOR (1/8" x 1/8") thins at the tip of the flap where they were stuck down from being stored a long time under pressure.  However, MOST of the envelopes I have in stock are clean, and were not stuck.  I'll always send you the best I have.