My "Store Discount" sale continues.  As I downsize the inventory in prep for my upcoming move, many items which I haven't seen in years are revealing themselves to me on the back shelves, the high shelves, and in the closets.
     My next EBAY Auction, which I plan on running later this month, will include some of these items.
      During the past few weeks, I've run through 10,000 or so modern postal cards, with perhaps another 40,000 to go.  This is yielding more than I expected.
     This month's offering of NEW INVENTORY has a small section of postal Card EFOs, all recently discovered.  Some of small significance, some maybe not-so-small.
     Check it out.  Left column, "NEW INVENTORY" AT THE TOP.  Also, I've worked the section on Official Envelopes by UPSS #.  
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          Best Regards.